One billion architects

What we do

We have developed a game changing AI technology that discovers the smartest ways to maximize the value of any building site. We generate and explore billions of site proposals, sort out the best ones and give you detailed statistics about each of them. Our tools can provide a fantastic level of insight to architects, real estate developers and municipalities.
When we show people what Spacemaker can accomplish, a common reaction is to ask if our tools will replace the creative architect. We really don't think so - but we believe that our tools are so powerful that architects who don't use them, might be replaced by architects who do.


Discover our products based on our game changing AI technology, built to maximize the value of any building site.
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Spacemaker is built person by person. Are you the one we are looking for?
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Interested in what we do? Have a problem we might be able to solve?
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We are convinced that Spacemaker can create huge value in our projects, and this is why we have joined Spacemaker as a research partner as well as an investor.
Stor-Oslo Eiendom
The ability to gain both broad and deep insight, delivered very fast, is of incredibly high value in early stage real estate development. In this respect, the potential of Spacemaker is unique.
Gunnar Bøyum, Aspelin Ramm
This is like manna from heaven for real estate development!
Erik Lund, former CEO of Höegh Eiendom
For early stage projects, this is already the best tool in the world.
Gaute Grønmo, BIM/3D-lead i NielsTorp+ Arkitekter
Following a successfully completed pilot project, Spacemaker has demonstrated tremendous value creation. We expect to make regular use of Spacemaker's products going forward.
Höegh Eiendom